Functional Orthodontics for All Ages

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Constant muscles forces are powerful and can move teeth. A bad bite, poor head posture, restricted airway, tongue habits and other factors may cause muscle forces that adversely affect the occlusion (bite). Not only may these forces paly a role in causing crooked teeth or an improper bite, but failure to deal with them in orthodontic treatment may lead to premature relapse of the straightened teeth. In younger patients, abnormal muscle forces can have a serious effect on facial development. It is our goal at Cosmetic Smile Designs to not only starighten teeth, but improve facial profile, balance the bite, and improve TMJ function.

Benefits of Functional Orthodontics:

  • Move Attractive Faces
  • More Beautiful Broad Smiles
  • Correct Small Problems as a Child Grows / Early Intervention
  • Fewer "Serial" Extractions and Overall Extractions
  • Utilizes Non-Invasive Appliances Without Surgery
  • More Symmetrical Face, Jawline, and Chin
  • Correct TMJ & Bite Issues Left by Traditional Orthodontics
  • Treatment at All Ages (age 7 is ideal for appliance placement)

Dr. Sparks has advanced training and is an acitve member of the following: International College of Cranio-Mandibular Orthopedics,The International Association of Orthodontics. It is his goal to offer the best possible care to his patients through commitment to continuing education in advanced dental studies.

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