Dentistry Focused On Your Entire Mouth

Neuromuscular dentistry focuses on your mouth as a whole in order to diagnose and correct the problem. As opposed to traditional dentistry, which is limited to an assessment of the gums and teeth, neuromuscular dentistry involves an examination of your jaw joints, muscles, and nerves associated with the affected areas. Dr. Richard Sparks is a neuromuscular dentist trained beyond the traditional dentistry program to learn the best ways to holistically treat patients suffering from head and neck pain.

Neuromuscular Diagnosis

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As a Neuromuscular dentist, we will consider all of the information gathered by taking your history and doing a physical examination of your teeth, head and neck. When indicated, we may conduct a series of tests using non-invasive electronic instruments to study muscle status and jaw function. Data from these tests indicate to us whether your bite is a major contributing factor to your issuews.

If these tests show that your habitual bite is a major cause of your need for orthodontics, the neuromuscular dentist then identifies a jaw position determined by the relaxed state of the muscles. This jaw position and the corresponding new bite is called neuromuscular occlusion.

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