What Makes Us Different?

The golden proportion is everywhere in nature... From the wings of a butterfly to the shape of a beautiful face.. there is actually a mathmatical calculation that makes these objects harmonious to the human eye!

Cosmetic Smile Designs uses this same calculation when designing your smile. Precise measurements are taken from different areas of the face, mouth & teeth to produce a smile that looks balanced & more natural. Dr Sparks uses the finest lab & communicates carefully to his ceramist through a series of photos,models & wax designs to produce an exceptional result customized for each patient.

Smile Rejuvenation in an Inviting Setting

At Cosmetic Smile Designs, we offer our patients several additional benefits not found at other Clear Lake, TX cosmetic dentistry offices. For instance, you can enjoy a relaxing warm neck wrap while you relax in the chair as well as access to our free wi-fi system as you wait for your procedure or consultation. You can rest assured knowing that our dentist, Dr. Richard Sparks, studied at LVI and maintains membership in several prestigious cosmetic dentistry groups. At Cosmetic Smile Designs, we treat each patient individually depending upon his or her needs. We believe in a holistic approach to cosmetic dentistry and can examine all underlying issues effecting your smile and alignment.

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